A Real Party at UJ’s International Festival

By Xiletelo Mabasa

Friday’s International Day festival at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) became more vibrant than previous years as audience members were invited to become part of the show .

Students were picked from the crowd at the international festival and invited to pick up a drum and join the massive band.

All the percussion instruments were provided by an entertainment company called Drum Café. Mpho Rasenyalo, a percussionist for Drum Café led the group of amateur musicians and says she loves “sharing her energy” with people.

Rasenyalo wanted even more participation from the students so she handed out maracas and tambourines to drummers as an invitation to come and dance on stage.

After performing students who had previously been chosen would pass on the instrument to another drummer to come and perform on stage. The crowd clapped and cheered in support of  chosen students.

The activity had attracted large crowds of students to the fountain where the stage had been set up.

Throughout the day performers showcased cultures from across the continent and the world.


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