Wits Students Backfire Blade Nzimande’s Fee Increment

By Magnificent Mndebele

Wits students retaliated by mass demonstration for the fee increment announcement that was delivered by Minister of Education, Blade Nzimande. 

The FeesMustFall has been put into motion by students’ leaders which stopped the on and outgoing of vehicles within the institution.

Amidst the police presence that monitored the situation, students were enchanting freedom songs outside the institution’s gate.

The President of Student Representative Council, Kefentse Mkhari, led the students to unite with other mass students that had occupied and blocked access in other gates of the University.

After being ignored during the demonstration, the students decided to occupy the Solomon House where they discussed a plan of action.

Before the media was denied access by the students in their close meeting, other students raised concern that last year they embarked on an on-going protest to intercept the increment of fees because they do not have money to pay fees. They raised questions as to where are they going to get the money this year.

In the close meeting, the students discussed ways of ensuring that the protest is prolonged until their needs are met.

The demonstration is said to continue tomorrow early in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Wits Students Backfire Blade Nzimande’s Fee Increment

  1. This doesn’t make sense cause late last year Blade stated clearly that there should be no increment on fees however, now sizwalokhu. Hopefully the strike will teach our government ukugcina amazwi wabo.

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