Police Fired Stun Grenades at Unarmed Students: #FeesMustFall2017

By Magnificent Mndebele

Seven students were injured by the police when they fired rubber bullets and Stun grenades at the students. Amongst the seven that were shot at, there was a girl who was brutally shot closer to her feminine parts, leaving her trouser severely damaged.

Students at Wits University wanted to take the demonstration outside, onto the street but they met resistance from the police which led to a war.

Before the firing war began, one student sat down with her notes studying outside the University’s gate amidst the protest. She said that she is ready to suffer the consequences as they are tired of being treated like criminals yet they only carry books at school.

Meanwhile the shots continued to be fired, students were angry that they were shot at while they were unarmed.

One girl was shouting at the police saying, “the only way to respond to violence is through violence. What are we f***king doing here if we not going to fight.”

The students then decided to go demonstrate inside the Solomon House after the deadly fiasco.

The police occupied and barricaded Jorissen Street and cars were blocked from using that road.




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