Harrowing Picture of How a UJ Student Was Brutally Shot in The Head

By Magnificent Mndebele

On  the  4th of November 2016 at 81 Rissik street at The Yards student accommodation, there was a pageant party for Ms. and Mr. The Yards 2016 which ended as a tragedy when a UJ student was suddenly shot in the head and died instantly on Saturday around 2.a.m.

The Open Journal understands that the ownership of The Yards had been changed, on Friday they launched a party to celebrate and welcome the new owners of the student accommodation, called AFHCO. The volume of the music increased, the crowds screamed loudly and the joy of welcoming the new owners was hard to resist- that joy lasted for about five hours and ended with an unforgettable grief.

Everyone in the pageant seemed to be high-spirited. When the contestants began to showcase their different outfits- which was showcased three times by both males and females. Despite the presence of the judges, the audiences themselves were also judging by screaming louder as a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement towards the excellence of the contestants.

The Masters of the Ceremony (MCs) of the pageant began to announce the top five- and the keenness of reaching the final stage began to mount. On the second selection- three people each from the girls and the boys had to be selected from the contesters, including Ms and Mr The Yards 2016.

Ms and Mr The Yards 2016, picture was taken Friday evening at The Yards student accommodation. Photo Credit: Magnificent Mndebele

However, when everything had settled at the party around 1:30 a.m. Then, students decided to go to the 14th floor of the building where there is a TV and playroom to further celebrate, but there, they met opposition from a private security guard who had not been wearing a uniform.

The private security guard or the “bouncer” as the students call him, has allegedly slapped students when they wanted to gain access into the playroom. But that confrontation between the students and the “bouncer” led to a tragedy. When the private security guard faced resistance from the unarmed students, the “bouncer” unexpectedly shot one student without warning, whose name in the meantime is withheld.

In that horrendous scene, the body of the young male fell on the staircase. Blood began to flow to the thirteenth floor like heavy rain drops, and leaving a gory scene adjacent to where the boy’s head had laid. This led to the joy of the students to turn into grief as the shooter ran away in clothes covered with blood.


28 thoughts on “Harrowing Picture of How a UJ Student Was Brutally Shot in The Head

  1. May his soul rest in peace.. What a sad thing to happen to a young man who was about to pursue his dreams but had his life cut short.. Condolences to the family members well!!

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    1. But you just said in your open journal that they were in a private accommodation so where axactly does UJ fit in in all this? Please give us a proper thing don’t feed is what is not right


      1. Private residence or not, the residence is accredited by UJ therefore they must have approved the private securities of the residence at hand.


  2. Take this fucken thing off!!! He didn’t deserve this… the story of okay, but the pictures are being disrespectful! Lord knows he didn’t deserve this!


    1. Hi Ferocious the OJ team are all very professional reporters who I am sure never posted this story as a way to further harden the situation for those who knew the deceased but this is a news story and it had to be reported on. if not by Magnificent then another reporter would have done so and these pictures would circulate on social media sooner or later.

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  3. I cannot begin to imagine what the family n frends of the deceased are going through right nw, da pain m sorrows, may the good Lord comfort them,RIP young man

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  4. The perpetrator must be found and put to justice, this is horrible. May the family find strength in the Lord, im broken cause I’m a student too. My parents are looking up to me to put them out of poverty BT for sm1 to just take a young life like that.

    Find the monster!

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  5. As horrific as this look, I must say it is very well reported and still respectful to the deceased and family. Very courageous of you Magnificent, withholding his name was a good idea also. Hopefully justice is served and may his soul rest peacefully.

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  6. and very sad to even think that these students were unarmed, and the party was thrown legally with the owners of the residence, nor this isn’t right


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