Editor’s Note

onthatile-kgoadigoadiThe Open Journal is the brainchild of a group innovative individuals who felt they needed to make a positive contribution to the world. We walked into this with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

It was hard to reach the desired level of achievements and simultaneously establish the trust of our readers, but  we have succeeded in creating what is now  a trustworthy news site.

We take pride in having built a solid relationship with our audience in such a short space of time. From the International Festival to the students’ fees protests our loyal readers were there through it all clicking the share button and retweeting our articles.

We have encountered many challenges and we have grown so much since we first launched our site in September of 2016. This year we have managed to tell both sides of the story when handling all the news events that we covered. Our craft is improving every day and our readers can expect further rejuvenation in 2017.

As part of our New Year’s resolutions we would like to give our readers a platform to let their voices be heard. Readers can email us enquiries and suggestions as well as any work they would like to have published on our site. We think this will allow for more well-rounded coverage. Further details are available in our about section.

Our team is made up of eight dedicated journalists some of whom have taken up other positions to keep the ship afloat. Our journalists specialise in a variety of topics from politics and social issues to sports and entertainment. For a formal introduction to each  one of our team members visit our about section.

The Open Journal would like to thank all of our readers who we consider as family for their eternal support and interaction with our news site. We wish all of our supporters a prosperous new year and encourage them to continue believing in us.

 We look forward to your continued support in the New Year, so we may stretch ourselves across the borders and bring news from around the world to you.

Onthatile Kgoadigoadi

Managing Editor    


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