Did You Know That NSFAS In 2017 Will…

By Magnificent Mndebele

After the information session that took place yesterday in all UJ campuses, NSFAS has shed a light on several things that may probably be very vital to know or to be aware of before making errors.

  • NSFAS will send either an email or SMS to those who have applied for the fee grant, but unfortunately, the date has not yet been set as NSFAS did not finish creating the LAFs of all students.
  • NSFAS will not allocate money to students who are currently staying at residences if there is no invoice or if the residence is not accredited.
  • Once done signing the contract, NSFAS will provide you with a new card called ‘Fundi’
  • NSFAS’ student portal wouldn’t enable anyone to add new numbers if the sim card that was registered got lost. Instead, the student should personally call NSFAS in Cape Town to update the number so that the student will get an OPT message.
  • If the student did not get a response at all, then that student should contact NSFAS in Cape Town to find out what went wrong. Inevitably, the electronic application partly causes inconveniences.

The NSFAS in Cape Town allocates money to different institutions, therefore the institutions independently decide on how to allocate the money to the students. The University of Johannesburg has chosen only to give final-year students the meal allowance to make sure that many as possible students get money for funding. Thus far, UJ’s NSFAS has funded close to 18 000 students.


3 thoughts on “Did You Know That NSFAS In 2017 Will…

  1. There are final year students who did not receive the supposed meal allowance and were told its because there was no money fund it, did they shed light on that?


  2. The question is what about postgraduate students. Do Nsfas fund postgraduate or students who are currently doing honours degree? I’ve been using nsfas for the past three years and I applied online as well as manual at Uj nsfas office for postgraduate. Please inform me if nsfas does fund postgraduate.


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