Beautiful, Talented, and Human

By Lauren Pillay South African musician, Zoe Modiga makes music solely to evoke emotion, and because she is deeply in love with it. Upon hearing the name Zoe Modiga, many adjectives may come to mind if you’re familiar with this name. She is a amazing musician, a talented Jazz singer, inspiring, empowering, and breath-taking to […]

Could Trump’s Presidency Be Harmful for South Africa?

By Lauren Pillay As this news was dispersed all over social media, many were left wide-eyed and gasping for air as Donald Trump reached the 270-vote mark before his rival, Hillary Clinton. This truth shook many individuals as the mind began to question, Donald Trump? Donald Trump, the billionaire would be the new president of […]

“Yes, they are destroying Syria”

By Lauren Pillay This is a Quote from the book Imtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers by Shafiq Morton.  The quote has an undeniable truth wrapped around it. Syria has faced 5 years of ongoing turmoil that has left the country in ruins. A war like any other consists of oppositions, conflicting parties that cannot […]

UJ Lecturers and Postgraduate Students Join the FeesMustFall Protest #UJAcademicsAction

By Magnificent Mndebele & Lauren Pillay  Lecturers and postgraduate students at the University of Johannesburg marched in support of FeesMustFall movement. Their support for FeesMustFall was sparked by their academic research findings that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product percentage used on Higher Education is relatively smaller than other countries in the world. Their research findings […]

Bouncers’ Pepper Sprays Caused a Tsunami’s panic

By Lauren Pillay A second-day of a peaceful FeesMustFall protest at UJ spontaneously  turned into a massive panic attack as bouncers sprayed everyone in the crowd of the protestors which led to students’ injuries.  After a meeting yesterday with the SRC leader, peaceful protests were agreed upon. Until 12 o’clock the university was quiet, but […]

The End of ‘Happily Ever After’

By Lauren Pillay The world renowned power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt, will no longer be known as Brangelina, as Mrs Jolie Pitt filed for a divorce, this morning, the 20th of September 2016. This decision raised a debacle on Social Media as the twitter Hashtag, #Brangelina started trending. The entire saga has […]


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